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Careers Zimbabwe is a non-profit organization which offers Career Development, Behavior Change, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training to youths: High Schools and Tertiary Institutions, Churches and partners with any other youth organization.

Career Consultancy

Careers Zimbabwe also offers consultation services to different stakeholders in the educational sector. Consultation in the areas of research, career management training and educational project formulation and evaluation.


Careers Zimbabwe undertakes research on the educational sector in Zimbabwe for quality education, policy development and review, teacher development and sustainable education. We also look at developing parental/guardian skills in career management.

Project Development

In partnership with different partners Careers Zimbabwe develops projects that address current educational issues.

About us

Since 2013, Careers Zimbabwe has been working towards career related information dissemination. Social Media coverage was thus the first port of call based on the development of the telecoms industry in Zimbabwe. Today our Facebook page assists more than 9 000 follower’s everyday directly. LinkedIn has built the same momentum and professionally shares career related information with more than 6 000 professionals. Our Whatsapp group has received so much attention from youths by sharing vacancies, attachments, fellowships and other career related opportunities.

Building on this momentum Careers Zimbabwe started Career Management training workshops in any area that we could gather youths. To date we have visited more than 10 High Schools, 5 Private Colleges and 3 Tertiary Institutions. We continue empowering students directly and indirectly to best manage their careers.

We are coming to empower you! We will sit down with you at School, Church and even at that Social Event.

Careers Zimbabwe. Committed to your Career Success!

Career Guidance


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To motivate, develop and counsel youths in personal growth and career management and development.


To be the leading training and career development agency in Zimbabwe.

Our Projects

A decision made by every person at every stage of life has an impact to their career paths. The decisions made at High School have a higher impact because of the momentum they create. Hence Career Zimbabwe is undertaking a “Career Momentum” project with our main target being Private High School Colleges.

Career Momentum Project targets to empower High School students in Decision making and Goal Setting. Students will meet specific career professionals, young entrepreneurs, young tertiary students for inspiration and information sharing. The project is running from 20 May 2016 – 20 November 2016.

“Today’s choices are tomorrow’s biography.”
For more information email Martins For donations and support contact Martin

Disability is not Inability. “I am Able!” project seeks to bring back the marginalized and disadvantaged disable persons in our society by catching them young. Careers Zimbabwe is thus initiating a project to support disabled persons through giving them career information and career development lessons. Furthermore CZ will also engage the corporate world through advocacy to develop and implement inclusive education and employment for the disabled persons.

The project is running from January 2017 and will be on-going in schools and tertiary institutions. For more information email Duncan For donations and support contact Duncan

Today we begin an online career life-changing program dubbed “Career Changer”. To effectively reap the benefits of the highly developing Information, Communication and Technology sector in Zimbabwe, nurture youths technology savvy and importantly develop careers.

Online Store

Welcome to the Careers Zimbabwe Store

Through this store you can purchase all Careers Zimbabwe products and services, including books, psychometric tests, courses, workshops and seminars. If you can’t find a specific product or service, please send an email to shopping@careerszim.co.zw

As You Graduate


by Nhundu Pardingtone

Goal Setting Skills for High School Students

by Nhundu Pardingtone

Goal Management Skills for High School Students

by Nhundu Pardingtone

3D Approach to Career Guidance for High Schools

by Nhundu Pardingtone

My Career, My Life-style!

by Nhundu Pardingtone


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Who We Help

Students and Parents

a) Students: A career is a process and its making takes time as well. Hence through the Career Momentum project we assist secondary and high school students in career planning. Career Momentum is composed of training, creating support groups and mentoring for the Secondary and High School students.
i) Careers Zimbabwe understands that even after acceptance at a Tertiary Institution for studying there is a huge gap in acquiring knowledge on choosing a particular career path. Through the project “As You Graduate” students are taught work skills before they go for attachment and as they prepare graduation.
ii) Careers Zimbabwe is promoting career specific entrepreneurship and career growth. Through this project tertiary students are linked to industry leaders through mentorship, project and research sponsorship. The projects are set as springboards for development of youth businesses.

b) Parents/ Guardians: Careers are hugely influenced by background and environment and specifically parents/ guardians have a 70% stake in that influence. Careers Zimbabwe through planned Career Parenting Conventions assist parents in career parenting. More so, through one on one Career parenting sessions Careers Zimbabwe assists parents on the developmental tips of career development.

Employment Opportunities

a) Careers Zimbabwe has a registered Employment Agency wing that assists adult job seekers in any field. The Employment Agency goes further to share with different employment seekers opportunities regionally and internationally.
b) Students are also assisted to find attachments, internships and volunteer positions through the Employment Agency. To get onto the Career Placement Finder site download form and submit.

Career Development Practitioners

Careers Zimbabwe offers training in a range of career courses through our partner Life Strategies. The courses are offered 70% online and 30% tutoring at Careers Zimbabwe campus. The courses we offer can be found Here.



Blog Posts

Story Behind How Gary Tight Become Tuku's Son

May 13, 2016 in Show Biz

Music superstar Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi sauntered into the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) with his wife Daisy in tow to grace the 2014 launch of Jah Prayzah’s fifth album, Kumbumura Mhute.

We've gone a step further....

July 1, 2016 in Career Management Development

Last month we gave you Goal Setting Skills for High School Students and today we are rolling out an assurance plan to achieve those goals through Goal Management Skills for High School Students.

Making Contacts NOT Networking!!!

April 27, 2016 in Networking

Networking is a main character activity for every business or career. It can be ridiculously frightening if you don't know how to do it or face the boring process of it. But there has been much teaching of Networking which today we dig deeper to Making Contacts!!!

Zimbabwean tech - wizards

March 31, 2016 in Tech

In the pictures above is a genius innovation. The two youths that I'm with, i.e. Emmanuel Raini (20) and Phillip Kambila (18) from Kuwadzana made their own electricity generator that doesn't use fuel.

Parental role in Career Guidance and Counselling

March 30, 2015 in Career Guidance

Children at a tender age learn 60% of things by observation. Hence the famous kids actions of following Church procedures at home through singing, dances and even prayer positions.

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